Summits and crests of the Haut-Jura range

Look up, the Haute Chaîne du Jura is wonderful in every season.
Its summits offer a breathtaking panorama of the Alps, crowned by Mont Blanc,
while the Valserine valley welcomes you in a nest of softness.

Discover the highest summits of the Jura : Crêt de la Neige, Reculet, Colomby de Gex, Mont Rond...

The Reculet

  • Natural Reserve
The Reculet is the second highest peak in the Jura range (1718 meters high). From there, you discover a panorama on the pays de Gex, the Lake of Geneva, the Alps range and the Mont-Blanc. The summit is marked with a cross.
The Creux de Paffion is a rocky cirque where heifers flocks and a few chamois take refuge. It is accessible thanks to the cable-car from Crozet, and offers a wonderful view on the Alps and the Lake of Geneva.
According to the archives, the name of this place refers to a hollow passage in the mountains (creux means hollow), and the word"Arderans", from "Ardé", refers to a very high and uneven land, full of stones and rocks.
From La Faucille, discover the exceptional 360° panorama on the Jura plateau, the Geneva basin, the Lake of Geneva and the Alps, including the Mont Blanc range. Viewpoint indicator. Access possible by the Mont Rond cable car during the summer and winter.
The "Creux de l'Envers" is a very special geological structure located in the forest above Gex. The view on the Jura chain is beautiful and the nature is preserved. You can reach it by following the thematic path "Au fil du Bois" ("Through the woods").
Starting from Lelex, climb the highest peak in the Jura mountains, the Crêt de la Neige. You can cut the ascension in half by taking La Catheline cable-car, recently renovated and now fitted with panoramic cabins (open during summer).
La Faucille Pass offers a variety of activities in summer and winter and an outstanding view from the top of the Petit Mont Rond of Geneva Lake, the Alps and the Mont Blanc (access by “télécombi” chairlift/cablecar).
The road to Col de la Faucille and the Haut Jura crests bring you to one of the most beautiful panoramas on the Alps in Europe.

The Saracen Gates

  • Natural Reserve
The Saracen gates are a canyon created by the Journans river . You can visit it on the way to the Creux de l'Envers, near Gex.
With an area of 10 909 ha spread over 18 towns, the High Jura Nature National Reserve is among the largest in France. It shelters a wealthy heritage, to be discovered and protected.