Museums and places to visit in Pays de Gex

Let's immerse in history! And imagine the future...

Discover the legacy of military strategy at Fort l'Ecluse
or the spirit of the philosphers "des Lumières" at the Château de Voltaire,
discover the mysteries of particles with CERN scientists.

Here, History, Culture and Future come together in the present...

The sites and museums of Pays de Gex are waiting for you!
Over a period of nearly twenty years, Voltaire entertained many important figures at his residence. He described himself as the "innkeeper of Europe", and Ferney became an obligatory port of call for the elite, who flocked here from all over Europe.
The aim of this museum is to promote and preserve a part of our heritage : the work of the fire brigades.
At the gateway to the Pays de Gex, Fort l'Ecluse is one of three examples of mountain fortifications in France during the first half of the XIXth century Visits and exhibitions during the summer.
Museum redrawing the history(story) until today of the job(business) by the taillerie of fine and precious stones; the manufacturing of jewels with these stones. Video, stony collection and gemstones.
Whatever your age, CIEL is a unique experience! Through a mix of sound, light and interactivity, explore how waste is transformed into energy, how the factory works and what it does.
The free permanent exhibition highlights the natural wealth of the National Natural Reserve of The Haut-Jura Range, while explaining its regulation.
A permanent exhibition "Haut Jura, living earth", allow you to discover the Haut Jura in all its aspects through playful, colored and interactive installations. Temporary exhibitions succeed each other all along the year, a sound show, the visit of a fort granary, small rural heritage's remarcable element of the Haut Jura region. The shop of the Park House of the Haut Jura presente local books and products from local crafts.