Published on Thursday October 25, 2018 at 17:11

CERN guided tours

Interesting to the mysteries of physics and science?

This is possible thanks to CERN (European Center for Nuclear Research)! But what they do exactly? Located at the French-Swiss border, its goal is the discovery of constituents, laws of the universe and more generally of fundamental physics. Intriguing, no? Many questions come in your mind: How the universe was constituted, how did it evolve over the centuries? How do scientists and physicists proceed? So many questions that you can finally answer!

Discover CERN and explore it!

But be careful places are rare! The Tourist Office Pays de Gex facilitates this immersive journey in the largest laboratory in the world. We have selected and booked several dates (one to two per month) for the 2 free guided tours of CERN, which will allow you to answer all your questions and perhaps more.

Enter, without delay, into the world of particles!

The visit of the site n°5 in Cessy will give you access to the CMS detector and its "cave" more than 100 meters underground, accompanied by a member of CERN.

The very complete visit of CERN to Meyrin will invite you to three places:
  • The Synchro Cyclotron, CERN's first accelerator, which has led to many discoveries.
  • The CERN control center from which all accelerators are driven to enable billions of particle collisions.
  • The Cryo-Magnet factory (SM 18): an exceptional place to test magnets and instrumentation at very low temperatures.

How to book?

It's easy, just contact the Tourist Office of Pays de Gex by phone or email. You can also go directly to the reception agencies of Ferney-Voltaire, Gex and Saint-Genis-Pouilly.

Registrations are open from 16 years old.

CERN is a highly protected site. There are many safety instructions to follow. We invite you to read it with our advisors.

 Why hesitate? Cern welcomes you !