Free flight sites

Are you a paraglider ? Discover the free flight sites with the take-off
and landing points of the Pays de Gex.
Orientation : North-East / South-East. Altitude : 1520 m. Access from the Crozet cable-car. The cable-car is not always working. There is a 20 mn walk from the top of the cable car to the take-off. Landing of the school (922 meters lower in altitude).
Take-off : South East orientation. You can use the MontRond road if you go back down with the vehicles straight after unloading, and if you belong to the Flying club of Gex.
Take-off towards the South. Altitude : 1260m. Landing in "le Mont", Vesancy village.
Take-off : direction North West. Altitude 1328 meters. From the Col de la Faucille, take the road of la Maréchaude for 300 meters after the start of the cable-car. Landing in Mijoux (338 meters down).