Free flight sites

Are you a paraglider ? Discover the free flight sites with the take-off
and landing points of the Pays de Gex.
Orientation : North-East / South-East. Altitude : 1520 m. Access from the Crozet cable-car. The cable-car is not always working. There is a 20 mn walk from the top of the cable car to the take-off. Landing of the school (922 meters lower in altitude).
Take-off towards the South. Altitude : 1260m. Landing in "le Mont", Vesancy village.
Take-off : direction North West. Altitude 1328 meters. From the Col de la Faucille, take the road of la Maréchaude for 300 meters after the start of the cable-car. Landing in Mijoux (338 meters down).
Take-off : South East orientation. You can use the MontRond road if you go back down with the vehicles straight after unloading, and if you belong to the Flying club of Gex.